Apple stuff for sale , San Francisco area

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Apple stuff for sale , San Francisco area

I have LOTS of apple 2 stuff for sale, including 1 II+, 2 IIE's, 2 IIC's, and monitors a french keyboard and roms. with lots of software and some things that you may have only seen if you were in the bay area when apple was going great. I am moving and need to get rid of everything. I am asking $99 for the lot, just to keep the scrap guys from my door, and you MUST take it all. If I don't get any takers by the 1st of dec. I will consider offers for each item. And I will list them then. Also I will not ship if you want this you must come and pick it up.
email me at elworks at .. with apple II in the subject line.

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A2 Stuff for sale


Try also posting this in the Buy/Sell Thread of
this board. It will get more exposure there. I'll
leave this post here for the Apple II folks, but
more people, in general, and computer collectors
will basically go to the buy/sell thread.

Good luck on your sale. Thanks for the post.

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