Yeah I was just wondering

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Yeah I was just wondering

I've had this Compaq Lte 5100 since 1998 the problem is I didnt even know how comouters worked so recently I found a windows 95 floppy boot disk and from ther on I've revived the laptop. As of right now I have the original floppy, cd, and Hard drive, I also purchased another hard drive and a carrier so I can have 2 hard drive on the laptop at once a docking station is how I basically put windows 95 on to it, and I also bought a 3Com PCMCIA network card and dongle to get it onto the internet. It runs great and dosent have ant problems heres the specs.

It has a pentium 90 Mhz processer with a 256k cache
It has an upgraded 40.00MB RAM I believe it starts with 24.00 MB
and everything else but I have one problem the sound I'm not sure what card it has in it Compaq says ESS ES688 the cpu says ESS ES 1688 and the furthest I ever got was it beeping when I got an IM so I need help on how to get the sound to work and what a price on it would be.

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I had one of those for a whil

I had one of those for a while...never got the sound working in it.

I did just come across another sound driver HERE at HP. Maybe that'll work for you, as it seems to allow you to select specific audio chip drivers.

Refresh my memory...does the LTE5100 actually have built-in speakers beyond the system speaker, or do you need to hook up external speakers?

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i have a ibm thinkpad 365x (1

i have a ibm thinkpad 365x (120mhz and 40mb ram) and it has the same ensonique sound card. after lots of frustration i ended up with a debian distro of linux. it has support for that card no problem. I also would recomend maybe an old copy of redhat - maybe 6.x, it might be a bit more stable than 95 and it will still have the functionality (sound will work fine like it has for me, and as long as you know alot about the display its easy to install), thats just my 2 cents, its funny because i tried looking for a win 95 floppy forever till i just broke down and did the 'nix thing. its prety much what got me into the whole thing Acute

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