usb or firewire to ethernet?

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usb or firewire to ethernet?

My daughter's iBook G3 w/ OS 10.3 has a physically broken ethernet jack. Yep, she dropped that puppy! Airport is installed and working fine in other parts of campus, but university network admin will not allow any wireless in her dorm room.

I know there are devices that will adapt usb to ethernet for the pc, but cannot find any device that will take usb or firewire to ethernet for her Mac w/ OS 10.3. I realize she has usb 1.1 so it will probably be slow, but any connection is better than nothing.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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There are some USB to Etherne

There are some USB to Ethernet adaptors available, but rumours are they are very unreliable. (Buggy, Crash-Prone)

I know Panther supports FireWire based networking, but I don't know if there is any sort of adaptor that converts it to a regular cable hookup.

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