B&W, Acard IDE and OS 9...

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B&W, Acard IDE and OS 9...

Hi there.
Okay, here's the deal. A rev.1 B&W with an Acard ATA66 (bought off eBay, was being sold as a Sonnet Tempo (even had a 'Sonnet' and 'Tempo Ultra ATA66' sticker on it, but System Profiler id's it as an Acard) driving a Maxtor 40GB hard drive.
Boots into X just fine. Won't see 9, just get the disk with a ? flashing on the screen. Even after changing the startup disk through System Preferences. Tried installing an update from Acard's site but no difference.
Boot from my OS 9 CD and the hard drive doesn't mount. Drive Setup can see the drive as a SCSI but won't mount it. Although it's happy to initialize it...

Anyone else had this problem? Anyone know how to get around it?