Full Spectrum Warrior

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Full Spectrum Warrior

Has anyone played FSW for the PC or XBox? I downloaded the demo and played it through but I'd like some feedback before I shell out for the full version.

In the demo, the game appears to be event trigger based, even though it has an open level design. That is an enemy won't appear until your squad enters an area or passes an object. I'm surprised that this is the case with all the great reviews the game got.

For example in the demo my squad approached a car from say the North, found an enemy and shot him. Then when I replayed the level I approached the same car from the South by circling around and there was no enemy. I ran my guys all around the car, no one in sight. But when they passed that trigger point to the North all of the sudden there was an enemy at the car who started shooting my guys in the back.

Is this just how they set up the demo or is the whole game event trigger based?