Ow. Ew.

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Ow. Ew.

Last night.

12 friends.

1 bottle of vodka(shared between me and 1 other).

1 beach party.

Well... I never got a clear explanation of what happened, but I ended up unconscious for 14 hours. All I DO remember is throwing up...a lot. But I woke up this morning in a hospital bed with a drip in my arm and dirt all over me. Bonus- my stomach is torn from all the spewing. I don't have my wallet any more... but I'm hoping a friend has it- if not, I'm screwed.

Just thought I'd have a whinge... there could be a hidden message in there somewhere(maybe smirnoff vodka and coke dont mix well...)... well I feel like cr*p so I'ma go pass out again now.

Thanks for your time. Blum 3

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Such a bad role-model for all those little applefritters out there. Blum 3

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I'm so glad i can't stand dri

I'm so glad i can't stand drinking, getting drunk, or stoned.

No religious reasons why, i just can't stand the feeling of not being in complete control of my feelings/emotions.

I also can't stand the taste/smells of most alochol espcially the sweet ones (liquours) however i do not mind a screwdriver once in a while.

I hope you learned your lesson well.

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vodka always has bad things that come with it...

My vodka experiences are always fun, bad, crazy.

Picture it, 1991. high school spanish class took a trip to Spain (college AP class). No drinking age. A teenager bound and determined to get drunk. A full liter of vodka and a six pack of coke. Did it by myself. I was watching Star Wars V dubbed in Spanish. by the time the got to the climax, I was super-smashed. I was screaming the words in Spanish: "NO!!! TU NO ES MI PADRE!!!!!!"

Could not walk, could not talk and be understood. Almost got my ass kicked by some classmates who did realize how bad I realy was. Got dumped on the doorstep to my hotel room and tried to beat the door open with my head. I was also yelling very loud. Security was called to investigate some drunk foreigner trying to break into a hotel room. I was almost arested, and my pasport was locked in the room. Luckily the chaparone was summoned as some kind soul from my class had not abandoned me. I woke up the next morning sleeing fully clothed between the mattress and the fitted sheet (could not figure out why it was so hard to get in the bed either).

My roommates made me clean the bathroom sink by hand as I had thrown up and clogged it! I also had found vomit on my pillow (and every time I hear that i think of Jimmy Hendrix and Janis Japolin). Felt great in the morning, not hung over abit. But I was scared that I could have ended up like you if I had not thrown up, or dead if I had done so in my sleep and choked.

Now adays, I make sure i am good and drunk before 2PM, so that I have all evening to let it wear off.

Glad you are okay.

Good luck on the wallet.


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hmm...band trip... :p. I

hmm...band trip... :p.

I wont ever drink. I cant stand the smell of the stuff.

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Reminds me of some of my coworkers from the past...

A loooong time ago I used to work at a clothing manufacturer. We got paid every Friday, and a good deal of the employees got sloshed over the weekend. Thank God I couldn't stand the stuff..... I've seen what it could do by other relatives (1 grandparent died of cirrosis (sp) of the liver from alcoholism, another died of emphyzema from smoking).

As far as tolerance, mine's very low. I drank ONE wine cooler too fast, and got very close to drunk Haven't had one since. I'll stick to sweet tea. Acute

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Well I did get my wallet back

Well I did get my wallet back, albeit minus about 15 bucks.

Also got the full story of how I ended up so bad- evidently I was completely p*ssed, saw my friend Dali standing next to the vodka bottle but **not** guarding it from me, picked it up, yelled CHEERS! and skulled half of it in about 10 seconds. That's about 400Ml, 40% alcohol.

BLECH! I hate that cr*p especially when straight... That's sure as heck never gonna happen again. Yup, I've learned my lesson. Never think you couldn't possibly get more drunk than you already are.

Oh and... to all those 'little applefritterers' out there- don't drink... it's really not worth it(unless you know exactly when to stop, and you DON'T). Plus if you get caught drinking under age you could get in a hell of a lot of trouble!

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"Clean-up in aisle four...bring a wet vac..."

doug-doug the mighty notes the similarities between his life and the lifestyles of the rich and famous...

"I also had found vomit on my pillow (and every time I hear that I think of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin)."

And the drummer from Spinal Tap who also choked on vomit...but it wasn't his...

tony b.

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Ditto, especially if you live

Ditto, especially if you live in Virginia. There is a new law that if you get caught underage with alcohol, your driver's license gets suspended for a year, regardless of whether you're in a car or not, or even if you have your license yet or not.

So stay away.

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