unhappy hard drive

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unhappy hard drive

some one gave me a 10 GB hard drive they werent using

it was pulled from a networking system for a company.

i went to format it by putting it as a slave in my mac but it wont boot with it in, it will hang at the apple logo then a X out sign comes on.

the drive jumpers ARE set correctly

ive tried this in 5 machines, PC, MAC, linux, to no avail. how can i format this

from what ive figured out, its got 3 partiones, one is named E:/ the other came up as question marks. i saw this when i was trying to format in windows using a xp boot disk, after i do that it says it cant formatt it.

what do i do, is this a lost cause?

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Check the warranty at the manufacturer's website


Check the warranty at the manufacturer's website. If the hard drive is under warranty, send it in. If it is not still under warranty, I congratulate you on your new paperweight.

Thank you,

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