Beige G4 500 DVD system requirements.

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Beige G4 500 DVD system requirements.


Beige G4 500 with an apple DVD drive, stock onboard video maxed out to 6MB, and an ATI ??? (1997) 8MB built in RAM and a slot to upgrade the memory on the PCi card. Card states 4 or 8MB chips OK... Tried the card for the first time that night, don't know what it is....ATI with old apple pin Monitor connector... and SVHS, and RCA out I think?

I traveled 2 hours to upgrade this Beige, and installed X.2.8 without the DVD drive installed, so no DVD software installed - oops. Had to leave. Will reinstall X.2.8 later to include DVD software. But, is there a way to extract the software from the Disc? I have heard about hacks...

Also, with the G4 500 ZIF, 640MB RAM, will this Beige box run DVD movies with the 8MB Ati card? I have heard that a Rage 128 is the minimum, with a few exceptions using VLC.

Please advise.

Also, the DVD drive shows the TD files and I need to allow him to import those files into iMovie...

Too many questions branching over too many subjects, sorry.

Beat me with a large stick.

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you do need rage 128 or bette

you do need rage 128 or better for apple dvd player but I think vlc is better anyway. vlc is the most elegant video player ever.

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Your stock Rage Pro will have

Your stock Rage Pro will have a hard time playing DVD's IMHO. I would just grab a PCI Rage128 off ebay for cheap and throw it in. It will do a far better job of it.

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Beige G4 continued...

I have looked for a Rage 128 on Ebay for a while now... And I am disturbed by the plethora of "Radeon 7000" cards available. These cards are not original Mac cards, they are flashed PC cards... My concern is: If someone bought these cards, and looked to ATI for help, they would be SOL. Kinda a shady deal IMHO. I want to warn people, but... then again, how far would that go?

I've decided to give my Radeon Mac Edition card to the project... and I bought a PCI 9200 to replace it for my own system.

I still would like to know how to hack the install disc's to install the DVD package alone...


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