Management of an Apple ColorOne scanner with an iMac G5?

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Management of an Apple ColorOne scanner with an iMac G5?

I have an Apple Color OneScanner 600/27 and I think it works much better than modern scanners.
In view of changing my desktop PowerMac with an iMac G5, I would like to know if I can stil use my scanner.
The available ports on iMac G5 are USB 1 and 2, FireWire 400 and an Ethernet 10/10 Base-T. Is there any adapter device which can solve my problem?

Thank you in advance for any help!

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What connection does the scan

What connection does the scanner use. If its USB or FireWire, then it will work straight off. If its serial/parrallell, you can almost certainly get an adapter.

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The apple onescanner 600/27 i

The apple onescanner 600/27 is a scsi scanner. Old one, like vintage 94-96 or so i'm guessing.

I wouldn't bother dinking with it on a g5, i would just get sonmething newer and faster. Even a cheap usb 50 dollar scanner will probalby be better than that ole puppy.

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The scanner is fast SCSI - so

USB to scsi adapters do not effectively support scanners.

There are firewire to scsi adapters, like this one which claims to support scanners on the iMac including the Color OneScanner 1200 (does not mention your model specifically).

I didn't see a price, but I imagine it's more than a cheap USB scanner.:(

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Keep old Mac as scanner station . . .


Even a Quadra can handle that scanner, use network file transfer to move scans to new iMac.

just a thought,

dan k

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use the quadra or an old worl

use the quadra or an old world power mac with SCSI. Then use thernet to transfer it.

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In the past i have used an Ap

In the past i have used an Apple Color OneScanner, and the extension for it kept crashing my computer. Also, the extension didn't run under OS X.

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Apple OneScanner 600/27

Hi, I have the above named scanner and have had it since it was new. The CD it came with had dispatcher v1.0. I'd like to find OneScanner Dispatcher v2.1 to go with the 4.3 driver I have. The 4.3 driver is a bug fix for compatibility problems with the OS Vitrual Memory.
Do you have a copy of Dispatcher v2.1?


-- Alan


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