Single G4 to Dual G4 HELP!

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Single G4 to Dual G4 HELP!

Allright... here's what's up. I went to a Mac-only comptuer show today and bought a G4 processor card for $19 that the seller said was a dual 1GHz G4 -- not tested, that's why it was so cheap. Now I'm home and I put it in (Quicksilver 2002, 800 MHz single) and now it won't boot. Booting in verbose mode reveals that it is "Still waiting for root device" which appears after the "BSM Auditing Present" message, plus another which is too long to list.

If I put the stock single 800 G4 in it works fine, but I'd really like to get this one working. Any ideas??



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I'm willing to bet

That the guy did test it and just wanted to get rid of it (and make a quick buck) personally, if the guy did say it worked and it was only $19, I still won't take it

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Did you hit the cuda reset be

Did you hit the cuda reset before booting?

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Try -> reset PMU? -> reset nvram? -> CD boot?

I read this somewhere: Wink

1. Disconnect the power cord and check the battery in the battery holder (BT1). The battery should read 3.3 to 3.7 volts. If the battery is bad, replace the battery, wait ten seconds, and then reset the PMU (refer to the next step). If the battery is good, go to the next step.
2. Press the PMU reset switch (S1) once on the logic board and then proceed to step 3. Do NOT press the PMU reset switch a second time because it could crash the PMU chip.
3. WAIT ten seconds before connecting the power cord and powering the computer on. If the computer powers on, go to the next step. If the computer does not power on, there is
something else wrong with the computer; refer to the symptom/cure chart, “Startup

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