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architecture laptop

i am needing a new laptop to work in and out of a pc-prone office and architecture school. i am trying to see the benefits of mac for CAD and rendering programs, but am yet to grasp it.. encouragement/advice anyone?

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Power and stability first of all, then comes the ease of attaching an external monitor for any amount of added workspace, and finally, total cost of ownership- once you've bought it, you should never need to spend money on it again unless you **want** to purchase things for it such as RAM, software, new hard drive etc. It's incredibly unlikely that something would go wrong with it.

PC laptops generally can't hold a candle to the PowerBook line, especially when it comes to things involving graphics work.

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Not a good vertical for Mac users...for now...

What does your school recommend? What does your current or future employer use or recommend?

I suspect that, based on a past-life experience, you'll be on a PC. If I recall, your top-of-the-line CAD and 3D modeling programs are all exclusively Windows based programs. AutoCAD by Autodesk, MicroStation from Bentley, SolidEdge, Intergraph's suite of software, and similar programs are what you'll find at the engineering and architecture firms. These are all Windows programs.

One exception is FormZ, the 3D modeling program from Autodesys. They do offer FormZ for MacOS X. This is a good sign and perhaps other manufacturers could be persuaded to follow...if they perceive this to be profitible.

You can find MacOS compatible CAD programs, but it's unlikely that you'll find a large installed base or big employer using CAD or 3D modeling on a Mac...though OS X on a G5 is certainly a better reason to begin compiling for the Mac!

tony b.

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