Apple II FTP, Nostoliga and Drive format dilemas

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Apple II FTP, Nostoliga and Drive format dilemas

I have downloaded quite a few programs from the Apple II

ftp sites, but I have ran into a dilema with making the


I was going to use my backpack drive but rawrite, will only

use of the A: or B: drive, plus I cannot find the bpformat.

com program anywhere to format the 5.25 disks.

My solution is simply to get an Apple 3.5 drives and use

the 3.5 format. Would there be any issues with the images

being on 3.5 disks, that were meant to be used on the 5.25?

Thanks for any help,


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Different operating systems DOS 3.3 vs ProDOS

Yeah, there could be a problem. DOS 3.3 (and DOS 3.2 for that matter) could only handle cassette tapes and 5.25" floppies. Only ProDOS could handle larger memory capacity media, like the 3.5" disks. So if any of your disk images require DOS 3.3, then you're out of luck.


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