Ramworks card, what software do i need?

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Ramworks card, what software do i need?

I've noticed alot of the Ramworks cards on ebay are just

that, they don't come with software, or manuals, etc.

Would I need a file to modify appleworks, so that it knows

that is there? Where would I find the drivers, etc?

I was kinda dissapointed to learn that the Extra memory

in my Franklin Ace 2100 couldn't be used to expand the

desktop space.

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You can find a pdf of the man

You can find a pdf of the manual for the RamWorks III and the software on my site at
Most of what's in the manual will apply to any ramworks card and the software will patch AppleWorks, create a RAMdisk or test the card.

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FDOS might have a RAM disk

It's been years since I used FDOS (Franklin DOS), but I seem to remember that Dave McWherter (the author) included various tools to make use of the extra RAM, such as a RAM disk. That might help you use the extra RAM for something useful. I might have a driver for the CP/M distributed by Franklin which also created a RAM disk, but it's been a while since I looked at my collection of CP/M sources.


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Your posted Apple II manuals

Hey Wayne!

What a great resource you've provided, with all of those old hardware manuals online! I just had to download them all.

I had a problem in that the following two files didn't want to download (after repeated attempts);


Please check it out and determine if there was an actual glitch or if I should just try again.

Also, do you know of any other stashes of digitized old Apple II/accessory hardware/software manuals on the web? I've been assembling a set of similar files for the Apple //c Memory expansion card. When it's done, I'll post the URL on the 'fritter.


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There is a glitch with those

There is a glitch with those two files. I tried deleting them and loading them again but I still get the same results.
In the meantime you can download those two files from another site I have at http://www3.telus.net/waynes

I haven't seen too many other manuals online. I did digitize 3 AE catalogs but because they're almost all graphics it wasn't worthwhile making part of them text. So being all high res graphics the file sizes are huge. If you wasnt them I can pull a few things and put them up temporarily.


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