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The PowerComputing PowerBase System was release in October of '96 and discontinued in May '97. The computer was available in both Desktop and Tower forms and features either a 180/200/240 MHz 603e processor with 32k of L1 Cache and 0-256k L2 Cache. The CPU came on a daughter card so that upgrades were made easy as the other 603 Macintosh's CPU's were directly on the motherboard. The Motherboard was based off of the Alchemy design that the 6400 used. The System was a Cheap alternative to Apple's PowerMacintosh/Performa: 6360/6400

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General Specs:
Introduced: Oct. 1996
Discontinued: May 1997

Logic Board Specs:
Processor: 603e
Processor Speed: 180/200/240 MHz
PMMU: integrated
Data Path: 32-bit
Memory Addresing: 64-bit
Bus Speed: 40 MHz
L1 Cache: 32K
L2 Cache: 0 or 256K
2nd Processor: none
Slots: 1 CPU, 1 PDS, 1 Cache, 3 Ram

Memory Specs:
Logic Board: Base off of the 6360/6400
RAM Slots: 3/ 2 64MB max./ 1 32MB Max
RAM Type: 168-pin 5v EDO DIMM
Min. Ram Speed: 60ns
Min - Max RAM: 0MB - 160MB
RAM Sizes: 8, 16, 32, 64 MB
Install in Groups of: 1

Physical Specs:
Form Factor: PowerBase Tower/Desktop
Gestalt ID: 58
Weight (lbs): unkown
Dimensions: Unkown

Storage Specs:
Floppy Size: 1.44MB
Floppy Inject: auto
Min. Int HD Size: 1.2 - 3.0GB
Int HD Interface: IDE/SCSI
Orig CD Speed: 8x SCSI
Int CD Support: Yes, x3
Expansion bays (free): (5.25")2 or 1 with optional Internal Zip,

Video Memory Specs:
VRAM type: Video EDO SGRAM
VRAM onboard: 2MB
Graphics Card: ATI Mach64 (On Riser Card)
Maximum VRAM: 4 MB
Max resolution: 1280x1024

Power Specs:
Max Watts: 145 (desktop) , 200 (tower)
Amps: Unkown
BTU per Hr: Unkown
Voltage: 100-240
Freq Range: 50-60 Hz
Battery Type: 4.5V lithium
Soft Power: yes
Pass Through: No

Software Specs:
Addressing Modes: 32 , 64-bit
Orig SSW: Mac OS 7.5.3
Orig Enabler: none
Mac OS Supported: 7.5.3 - 8.1 (Apple) 9.1 (Actual)

1 Internal IDE (Master Only)
1 Internal SCSI
1 External SCSI
2 PS2
2 Serial
1 DB-15
1 HD-15 (VGA)
1 Floppy

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