Power Computing

Power Computing Stargate Lives Large !

Power Computing PCI/Nubus adapter aka Stargate.
Up close & blurry !

Power Computing Stargate Lives Again !

Power Computing PCI/Nubus and PCI-only adapters.
Rough size comparison.

Power Computing Stargate Lives !

Power Computing PCI/Nubus adapater aka Stargate.
Works swell w/ Digidesign Audiomedia II Nubus card.

PowerComputing PowerBase

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PowerCompting Powerbase setup

The PowerComputin PowerBase Setup


PowerBase Mother Board

This is the PCC PowerBase MotherBoard. This is one of the many parts needed to make the Apple Clone work.

EDIT: Re-spelled the word "Clone" so it is correct.

PCC PCI/Video PDS Riser Card

The PCC PowerBase Riser Card Combined the Video Card and PCI slots that fit into a proprietary slot

PCC PowerBase CPU

This is the 200MHz Daughter Card for the PCC PoweBase

The case with the second water chiller enclosed

This is just to check for fit. Two 92mm fans will be in the front of the case, and then a duct will follow to the rear.

The second water block with heatsinks

The two coolers sandwich two peltiers, and the waterblock.


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