What is this

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What is this

correct me if i'm wrong but isn't this a powerbook scsi adapter?

[image:5660 size=original]

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Bad, bad picture but it kinda looks like one...

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Yep, looks like it... [col

Yep, looks like it...


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ooh! ooh!

I had one of those.... It is used to connect to 50-pin scsi deviced. I used it to connect to an external SCSI HDD case. After that, It was hooked to a Smart and Friendly (or Dumb and Hostile as my dad calls [don't know why]) external CD-R 1x Write (8x read). They can be usefull for connecting to some scanners out there. another thing, I couldn't figure out why PB also had a Ultra-SCSI laptop to device (had a skinny 50 or 70-pin metal connector) made for them.

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