Another Project That Interests Me

In addition to the Classic hack I'd like to do (see my blog for 12/22/04 for details), I'd also like to do another computer modification that involves the Apple Portrait Display.

I picked up one from a local thrift store for a couple of bucks. The shape intrigued me ever since I saw the original advertisement, but with an original price of $1050 or so, I just had to be content in waiting. If you are unfamiliar with this monitor, the specifications can be found at (

I have yet to open it up to look inside for space, but I suspect that the Classic II motherboard would fit quite easily into something like that. Ideally, the logic board would be powered the same way a compact Mac would, but would give me a much larger viewable screen.

It uses would be something along the lines of the various electronic picture frames, but rather than displaying photos, I thought I might use it to display a slideshow of PDFs or GIFs of various important documents of history.