G3 AIO Internal Modem Problems -- Please HELP!!!

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G3 AIO Internal Modem Problems -- Please HELP!!!

I have been working hours trying this and that to get my AIO to recognize the internal Apple/GV 56k modem I installed.

Apple System Profiler doesn't recognize it nor does the Modem Control Panel.

I have installed "PowerMac G3 Modem" extension and corresponding modem script and it didn't help.

I have a funny feeling the operating system is missing something or not the correct one for my AIO.

Did the AIO have specific OS install cds?

What does the "internal modem" complete software package consist of?

Would Apple System Profiler recognize the modem even without the correct system software?

Please help, I am at my wits end with this.

Thank you,


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Proper software for AIO modem

The AIO is basically a beige G3. Its modem card is an Apple/GV 56K, which is also the name of the Modem Script that it needs. There's also a modem script named "PowerMac G3 Internal 56K"; I don't think selecting that will help--it's for a different modem card--but give it a try. I believe that the Modem Script is all the software that this modem card needs--the "PowerMac G3 Modem" extension is for the modem card in a B&W G3, which is completely different. I don't know if Apple System Profiler would fail to see the modem card if other software isn't installed. I don't think the beige G3s had specific OS install CDs--just install OS 9.1 through 9.2.2, and the appropriate software "should" be installed. If it's not, you might find an installer for the software on Apple's web site.

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