Where'd the chime go?

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Where'd the chime go?

On my Powerbook 15" (1.5ghz, 512 RAM, Superdrive) the turn-on-chime seems to have gone. At first I thought it was my Audigy 2 NX USB amp, so I unplugged it, but it still doesnt work.
Any ideas?

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Correct me if im wrong..

But didnt those have the ROM on the harddrive, and not on a chip? i thought they started doing that with the first G4's, and possibly even the late(B&W) g3's. anyway, it could have just gotten corupted, dunno how. but data files that get accessed a lot(IE: every boot) tend to get corupted after a while.

If you really miss the chime, i bet reinstalling OSx would fix that(Yea, i know it sucks Sad )

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