Recycled Emac Stand

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Recycled Emac Stand

Tired of getting cords stuck under your emac?

Don't want to spend your hard earned cash on yet another soon to be obsolete piece of plastic?

Convert your old mac display stand into an emac stand and leave that one sitting on it's backside instead!!

I used a Multiple Scan 15AV stand, four longer screws that fit the holes under your emac, four self tapping wood screws.

Emac Stand

1. Cut wood to fit the shape of your base
2. Drill four holes in the wood screw it to the base of your emac (use the legs on your emac as spacers).
3. Use the wood screws to screw the old base to the wood on the bottom of your emac.

Not very pretty, but functional and stable.

- Put your mac on a cushion or something soft (with the screen side down) when playing with the bottom. Don't screw to far into your mac either! -

And remember, recycling is good for our environment. Its often cheaper to! Wink