FS: Display-less TiBook 667

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FS: Display-less TiBook 667

Hey everyone, I am going to give this a shot selling this guy on here, see if I can scrape enough money together for a Mac mini Blum 3

Here's what I've got, it is a Titanium Powerbook 667 with DVI out, 256 MB Ram, and a working battery (I don't use it on battery power, dunno how long it would last, but its still halfway decent at least).

The PowerBook DOESN"T have a built-in screen though. I dropped it and broke a hinge, then the video cable got severed, and in trying to repair that I killed one LCD an apparently the LCD driver on the motherboard is also dead, two known-good LCDs wouldn't work with it.

To run it, you need to connect it via DVI or VGA to an external monitor and "mirror" the internal display.

It runs great, and would be a great computer to use for some sort of hacking project since its so thin and compact, or just to use as a desktop like I do, its just propped up against the side of my monitor.

So make an offer, serious offers only please, and if the numbers look good, well you might have yourself a really thin little computer with an integrated trackpad and keyboard!


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