USB WiFi Adapter doesn't work under Panther

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USB WiFi Adapter doesn't work under Panther

I bought this adapter to work with my iMac running 10.3.7 because I didn't want to run any more ethernet through the house. The adapter is a no-name stick manufactured by AIN that I think uses an Amtel 505-2958 chipset. I tried both the drivers from the included CD-ROM that only say 10.1.x and 10.2.x and the ones from the AIN website that say 10.1.x and 10.2.x-10.3.x. Both sets of drivers give the following error message: The system extension “/System/Library/Extensions/fastvnetUsb5052958.kext“ was installed improperly and cannot be used. Please try reinstalling it, or contact the product’s vendor for an update. This just seems really strange, and any help would be greatly appreciated. If it helps, the iMac is a 233MHz Bondi with 160MB RAM and 4 GB HD. And OS X is not that slow on here, either.

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Does it cause an error only w

Does it cause an error only when the unit is plugged in at startup? If so, it is probably faulty, take it back and ask for a new one, otherwise, I dunno.

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I've had the same sort of pro

I've had the same sort of problems with an ActionTec one of mine. I guess its the same as the problem with some cameras. Apple sew problems into the OS to sell their own hardware. It might not be true, but it seems that all problems with hardware clear up as soon as you use Apple stuff.

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Apple can't verify the functi

Apple can't verify the functionality of all 3rd party equipment, but they can verify all equipment that they OEM and put their name on. Therefore, all Apple branded equipment can be tested and bugs fixed. It works exactly the same way no matter who the name brand is.

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