AppleShare with 8.6 and 10.3

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AppleShare with 8.6 and 10.3

I'm posting this in another topic because it's another thing.

I have this iBook with Mac OS 10.3.7 and a Performa 6200 with Mac OS 8.6 connected with ethernet. The Performa can see the iBook with the chooser, but when I try to connect to it, it says the connection was unexpectedly lost just after i enter my name and password and click OK.
I remember i once connected with my Macintosh ED running system 6.0.7 to my iMac running 10.1 or .2, but now i can't remember how to do this.

Can someone help me?

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had the same thing

This is really just for moral support, because I had the same thing happen with Panther and OS 9.something boxes. Eventually, I figured it out... but I can't remember how either.

I think the problem was on the legacy side, something to do with users and groups... or something. But then again, maybe it was the owner name on the legacy side...

Sorry! I wanted to help!\
Good Luck.

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Connect Via IP

That error comes into play when the client computer (the 8.6 machine in this case) is trying to connect strictly through AppleTalk. The OS X machines provide the AppleTalk name in the Chooser only for discovery; for connection it's got to be IP. To get it to work, make sure that TCP/IP is set up properly on both machines.

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