Chronos: Ultraviolet G5

December 25, Christmas, my wife and father conspire to buy me a Dual 2.0ghz G5. Before it's out of the box I have a pair of Ultraviolet tubes waiting for installation. I purchased them for $4 from PCMods going out of business sale.

I installed 1 tube in the front grill area and the other above the PCI cards. The inverter rests above the CD-Rom, and the power is drawn from the ATA Hard drive open Molex Power spot. A switch also occupies one of the PCI slots on the rear. The Ultraviolet tubes light up the plastic air housing nicely, and the edges of the ram and motherboards glow green. The nice thing about drawing power from the Hard drive is when the G5 powers down the Hard drive the light will turn off as well. So its only on when in use.
I also installed a Rage128 PCI Video Card in one of the expansion slots. This was taken from my older G4. It enables me to run my Dell 19" Flat Screen and Compaq 17" Monitors. I need some LCD to save space around here soon!

I have also added an Shamrock to the front grill, representing my 25% Irish Heritage (and it looked good). It came from a junked Alpha Romeo I spotted at a junkyard. Some ones' trash is another’s treasure I guess.
I plan on upgrading the ram and installing an additional ATA Hard drive when I get the funds and chance. But first I will be getting a clear side for the case so I can see the glow from the sides as well.

Updates as things come along...