Beige G3 Sale/Trade

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Beige G3 Sale/Trade

I may have a Beige G3 that will be for sale soon. I just need to get it shipped back to me or wherever it's going to be.

I'm looking to get $200.00 Canadian for it, mainly because of the upgrades inside it. Specs:

300Mhz G3
256MB RAM (2 Chips are PC-66 64MB, overclockers beware)
Rev 2 Logic Board, Rev C Beige G3 ROM
Audio Personality Card
ATI Radeon 7000 64MB PCI Video
Maxtor 40GB IDE Hard Disk

The Apple CD-ROM works fine but being older it doesn't really like OS X CD's. A newer IDE CD-ROM would top this system off as being awesome. It can run Jaguar just fine.

I'm open to offers or trades, so let me know what you have. And please don't take the time to stop by and say I'm insane for asking this much. I paid extra for all the parts such as hard disk and video card so in the end, the prices always go up.