Calibrating the screen colour balance

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Calibrating the screen colour balance

My Mystic has had a constant reddish hue to the display ever since I performed the modification, possibly as a result of the analogue board and CRT coming from two seperate machines.

I know it's a simple matter to adjust the colour balance the same way you can adjust the screen geometry, but was wondering if there's any aid I can use to make sure I get the balance just right, or if I'll just have to go by eye.

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Display Service Utility

Display Service Utility is an Apple service app that will put various patterns on-screen (all-white for white balance; vertical grayscale stripes for color balance, etc.) in order to aid in adjustment.

I don't know where it might be, but if you google for it, you'll probably find it for download somewhere or other.

Also, the CC service manual has a whole process for adjusting the screen, including which order you should use to do the various adjustments.

I've adjusted many CC CRTs in my own random order, and without the Display Service Utility, but I still find that following the service manual's recommende order, and using the Display Service Utility, is the fastest way to get a really great picture.


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