CD writing software

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CD writing software

Installing Win98SE on my PC (crossgrading from WinME), as rewarding as it was, left one gap in its functionality.
That is, I'm left without any form of CD writing software.
The PC came with an early (well, it was the latest five years ago when I bought it) version of Adaptec Easy CD creator. It was one of the most horrible bits of software I've ever used, but it got the job done.
Now, I thought I could just reinstall this program off the rescue disk, but the setup program on this CD can only be run on a windows install done by HP on a Pavilion.
Rather than doing all the registry hacking and such for a horrible application that is painful to use, I'm now looking for a CD burning app. I need something fairly light (I'm running a Celeron 766 with 128MB of RAM- still), would work well with, say, a mitsumi 4x writer, and preferrably freeware/shareware/GPL; my family and I are in a slight financial jam right now and throwing linux ISOs onto CDs comes second to my sustenance and well-being. That said I would be able to cover a small price if there's nothing adequate out there for free.

I've used K3b under knoppix quite a few times now, with a bit of success- I haven't set a glass of Dr. Pepper down without a coaster under it for around three weeks Blum 3 (I've got one music CD and about 5 wasted blanks to show for that effort).

Any suggestions?