Fractal Generator For "System 6"

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Fractal Generator For "System 6"


Does anyone know where I might go about aquiring one?

If someone has one lurking about on a floppy disk for thier
"System 6" 68000 Macintosh, could you please email it to me?

Smile Smile Smile

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The lightest weight Fractal G

The lightest weight Fractal Generator I know of is Aros Fractals which requires a 68020, FPU, 8 MB of RAM, 256 color display and System 7. The only thing I can think of that would work on a 68000 and System 6 would be an application that just rendered a standard Mandelbrot in B&W without any options. It'd take some time for the old 68000 to render anything.

While not as light weight, I use Fractal Domains to do some rendering. I use a G4/550 running OS X 10.3 and the longest render I've done so far took three days for a 4500 x 2700 x 2AA image. Shameless plug but you can see some of what I've done here.

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No, Fractals works in System

No, Fractals works in System 6, on a 68000. I can't remember where to find it;

I think I have another one, too. . .

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