Apple ImageWriter II printer (excellent condition)

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Apple ImageWriter II printer (excellent condition)
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Apple / Macintosh ImageWriter II printer (excellent condition)

Here is a refurbished and working Apple Imagewriter II printer.

It was refurbished a couple of years ago by a local computer shop. It is still in the wrapping that they supplied. You can see in the picture the the wrapping has a few tears, but the printer is in great shape.

The square sticker that you see in the picture is the company's label (the one that refurbished the printer) and is only adhered to the plastic wrapping.

It has a print sample inserted with the printer to demonstrate that it worked after being refurbished.

I have not used this printer (as you can see it is still wrapped-up). I believe that it has a black printer ribbon installed, although it can print in color with a color ribbon.

The print sample shows that it was tested with a color ribbon installed.

The Apple model number is: A9M0320
The Serial number is: 1010085

I will include both a power cable and an Apple serial cable with the the printer when you purchase it.

I am located in the United States. This printer is designed to operate on 110 volts AC power.

I am asking for $10 U.S. Dollars plus shipping costs to your location.

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Contact information

Hello again,

I just realized that I had not mentioned how to get a message to me.

I have a filtered e-mail address that forwards real messages to my address in the United States. That e-mail address is:

In addition, you can use the tools built-in to this website to send me a private message or a direct e-mail.

And, as always, feel free to make an offer on the printer. I would just like to find it a good home.

Thank you for your interest.

Michael Hunter

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