Pismo bottom half with a lombard screen

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Pismo bottom half with a lombard screen

are they interchangable?

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I think no.

I think no.

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They are not exactly the same, the data cables differ slightly but the connectors are the same. Best case scenario - swap in the Pismo data cable if available. Also, the Lombard screen of course has no AirPort antennae

dan k

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Yes they are ...

The INNER LCD PANEL is an industry standard LVDS LCD panel.
Its a single channel (higher res panels have 2 channels to
carry the all the data to the panel) panel. The same panel
can be used from Wallstreet through Pismo. The outer
plastic casings differ, and as Dan K mentioned there is no
Airport wiring in the lombard upper half. If you are
adventurous you can completely dissasemble the LCD assembly
and just move over the LCD panel itself. Very doable.
Have fun ! HWgeek

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