MAC SE Rainbow

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MAC SE Rainbow

Just testing with my test hack done with Photoshop.
The SE is too clean to paint though.

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A little off topic, but what'

A little off topic, but what's going on with the ^331^3 in the links? the pictures don't show up!

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Borked Image Link

Remove the 1 at the end of that image link to view correctly.

Hmmmm, every time I try to link to something it adds a "1" to the end.

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Odd link behavior

Yes, it does seem to be exhibiting some odd link behaviour. I don't think this had anything to do with me. Smile

When I get back from tramping in 3 days I'm going to try and implement avatars, MSN, AIM, ICQ & Y! buttons, and perhaps improve this "forum" system a bit. I don't know PHP, so it's an interesting experience working on Drupal Blum 3 Avatars weren't implemented well! Drupal designers take note!

Ack! the link behaviour has got WORSE in the past few days!

- Michael "trouble at the mill" Fincham

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