vMac on a Color Classic

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vMac on a Color Classic

You can forget running it on a stock CC. I then switched to my 575 logic board and tried it in both 68k & 601 and it was sloooow as molasses (slower than the 128k EVER was). I even gave it 32MB RAM and let it hog the CPU! It was a good idea, but no go. What I saw looked great: mono y mono (that's a little pun) -- that Sony monitor makes that old system 1 look great. AND THAT FAN! OY! I remember now I had a plan to install a thermostat on the fan so it would only come on when internal temperatures get hot enough, like in a PowerBook. Never got around to it though.

Anyway, my point really is that I need a mac with a floppy drive capable of reading/writing 800k disks for my 512k. Also, I'd like to use only one Classic Mac (with "Vintage" software) on a regular basis and I like the look of the CC best. But, considering that to use vMac I'll have to put a much faster board in there which would result in considerable hacking, OR figure out a way to use it with my 512k board which would result in considerable hacking (and the later doesn't really help me make disks for it from a modern Mac), I'll probably just keep using my 512k the way it is and figure out some way to network it easily to OSX. Perhaps when the Mini prices drop, I'll just turn the CC into a VGA monitor and put a mini inside it.