Borked drive

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Borked drive

Recently I took apart my //e's "DuoDisk" drive (or something like that, it has two drives in one enclosure) to unjam drive #1 (drive #2 was already shot) after unjamming it (actually the drive belt had come off) and putting it back together, I hooked it up to my //e and powered on. at first it was working okay, but suddenly it crashed, displaying random characters and beeping. (I swear im not making this up) after a few seconds, the drive started to smoke!!! I unplugged the //e and the drive. the drive controller card isn't shot, even after this incident the controller card still works with my friend's drive (which he won't give me). the computer still boots to Applesoft Basic in ROM but there is still software i want to un on it. does anyone have any old audio tapes containing data for thier ][e or //e? I would appreciate it if someone would rip it to an mp3.