For those with the answer, I salute you...

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For those with the answer, I salute you...

Okay, I never thought it would come to this, but I am unable to view videos on my Mac.

You may ask, "How could this be? The Mac is wonderful!"

And I concur, the Mac is wonderful! The Mac should be able to play these videos for me, but it won't!

"Wait just a minute," you say, "What videos?"

The videos at this link:

I have Quicktime 6 installed on my Macintosh and it will play the audio portion of the videos but not the video portion. I think you'll agree that video's are not much fun if you can't actually see them.

Anyway, these videos were purported to be of the DivX variety. As such, I downloaded and installed DivX 5.1 & DivX 5.1.1... Still, nothing!

I whined and complained that I couldn't see the videos and was informed that they were VIDX and not DivX. Huh?

All I can say is: HELP!!!

How can I view these videos? What do I need? (Aside from psychiatric help!)


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Easiest way is to download th

Easiest way is to download them to your disk and open them in VLC.

Quicktime has a bug with avi files. If you want to view them to quicktime, you could try first running them through the divx doctor:

The should play fine in windows media player for mac btw Wink

Also, get rid of the divx codec and install the 3ivx codec, avaliable at

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I downloaded one and played i

I downloaded one and played it with Quicktime so I'm guessing that likely you're minus a plugin necessary for play them. By itself Quicktime only plays a limited variety of formats. Get the right plugins and you can play most things.
Here's a list of the free plugins I'm using.

3ivx D4 4.5.1 for OSX
AC3 Codec.component
DivX 5.component
Microcosm Decode.component
SheerVideo™ Reader.qtx

You can find a lot of them at Version tracker. I'd suspect the DivX or 3ivx plugin might be the one you need


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As always...

As always, the people of Applefritter come through with flying colours.

My hat's off to you; I salute you!

In other words, you provided the solution I needed and I am forever in your debt.

Thank you.


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