Holy Grail LVDS LCD Controller?

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Holy Grail LVDS LCD Controller?

Hi all,

New user here. Got all four wisdom teeth out yesterday so I'm hopped up on vicodin, thus I'm bored out of my mind, thinking of projects.

I have an old TiBook 500 with a bad motherboard, and I was looking for a way to use the display as an external display on my current 12-inch AlBook 1.33. In reading on this site and elsewhere, it seems that this is not an easy thing to accomplish. All I want is a battery powered dual head laptop! Is that so much to ask?

In googling around on the subject, I did run across a company at http://www.digitalview.com that claims to make a universal LVDS controller. Based on their compatablity search page at http://www.digitalview.com/controllers/csg.php they have no information about the TiBook display, ssemingly due to it's unusual resolution. However, although they have not tested the Samsung LTN121XJ-L01 which is used in the 12-inch AlBook, it is listed as something that should theoretically work. A press release for this device at http://pd.pennnet.com/Articles/Article_Display.cfm?Section=OnlineArticles&SubSection=Display&PUBLICATION_ID=21&ARTICLE_ID=221243 gives a $200 price point. Furthermore, the manual for the AL-1280 in the site's Products section notes, "For specific panel setup a sample of an LCD may be required (this will be returned) and a copy of the full technical specifications for the panel from the manufacturer." So, it would appear one could send in a panel to have checked before committing to a purchase. I suppose this is win-win; their compatiblity database grows larger yay or nay, either way.

I did a search on AppleFritter forums for digitalview.com and didn't find anything. Does anyone know anything more about this board or have any thoughts on things I might be missing?


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The price of controllers seem

The price of controllers seems to be the stopping issue for the Holy Grail projects now. That, and making sure the controllers work with the LCD.

Using your LCD display would have a high coolness quotient, but that $200 controller cost is close to the price for a new VGA LCD monitor. It's tough to justify the effort. In fact, given the price a working Powrebook LCD screen sells for on ebay, selling that would offset the price of a dedicated LCD monitor considerably.

Then your challenge could be seeing if you could get the LCD monitor to run off battery power.

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