Mac IIci still in box

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Mac IIci still in box

I have a Mac IIci with an 80/40 mhz Sonnet 040 card, 64 (I think) mb of ram. The unit is still in original box with styrofoam, and is in very good condition. I sold the hard drive from the unit, but is otherwise in very good condition. For the cost of shipping from Pittsburgh, it's all yours.

I also have a pair of beige Power Mac G3 desktops that I don't use much anymore. One is a 266, and the other is a 350 (retrofitted blue and white cpu). The 350 has a Twin Turbo video card, firewire 400, and a 10/100 ethernet card. I'll take $50 for the 350, and $30 for the 266. Both are in good condition, considering their age. The 350 has a 4.5 gb scsi drive in it, while the 266 has a 4gb ata drive. Both have internal cd-rom, though the 266 is missing the external bezel for the cd-rom.

Feel free to PM me, or contact me via e-mail at .

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While I'd love the IICI - I e

While I'd love the IIci - I expect it would be hugely expensive to post it to Australia (my IICX weighs ~3kg). I'd be interested in the 040 card and ram if you'd like to split however.

Happy to throw a few dollars your way for these in addition to postage.

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I would love to get this IIci

I would love to get this IIci, but I have an ANS coming my way and already don't have enough room.

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