Repainting the G4 MDD

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Repainting the G4 MDD

hello... new here...

I think I figured out what want to do with the G4 MDD paint project.... I Want to make BioEvolutionary Power Mac... my plan is to use ideas from HR Giger's art... I plan to get humans hacked into (I guess), missing arms, legs etc. with all kinds of cables chords and tubes coming out of every orifus.... also I want to intigrate the Apple logo and even the case screws into the pic.... I want to put lightning rod like things where the case screws are with electricity arching towards the apple logo... and also I want to install some sort of light behind the apple logos... for the picture I will be using washed out blues greens, purples, maybe browns, and black 'n grey with white highlits, and finally a contrasting apple and arching electricity-Bright Blue..... if there is anyone with more finite ideas of this nature, please... I want this to look awsom!!

also you can see a good level of my art skills at .... the links within this page will work for the most part... but I have not finished the page.... (sorry about the adds... I hate them too-- the main reason it is unfinished)

you can see most of my art at all early drawings are here + photography and newer art... but you will have to move through a good number of gallery pages to see them all..