FS/FT: Prototype/Custom MOD - IIe?

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FS/FT: Prototype/Custom MOD - IIe?

Hello All!
After cleaning some of my personal Vintage Computer Collection, I found


Now, after checking it out, it Runs OS 7.1 and it also Runs a IIe Emulator (FULL Screen)... There seems to be no keyboard internally but there is a ADB (Brown Board near the PS) to PowerBook keyboard converter on board... It look like a LC III Mother Board and Power Supply, but there is a board hooked the the Disk ][ Drive (See Pics) It looks odd, some sort of converter board.... The pictures should give you an idea of what I mean... It had [at one point] a striker logo for a Mod or something... It boots and RUNS! I Used a 12" Color Monitor to test and the ADB Mod for the Mouse, and a AirKey (ACER Wireless ADB) Keyboard... It is very cool, would make for a great project, or something... It is very awesome and the Most nifty mod that came my way.

E-mail (mjozaitis@macsruscomputers.com) for questions or PM me OR AIM me macsruscomputers / macsruscomputers@mac.com OR Call me at 219.393.0120... This is a cool item and probably not found anywhere else, so make offers! I will trade for a Mac Portable, Macintosh Color Classic I/II, and others, please let me know...

Thanks All!

Mark Jozaitis