ibook problem please help!!!

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ibook problem please help!!!


i have a little problem with my ibook, the screen will work perfect for a few days but then it becomes extremely dim. i was thinking it was the light bulb tipe light inside the screen, am i correct in thinking this? i would really apreciate any help and help as soon as possible because i have found a bid on ebay for a light for the 12"ibook wich ends very soon.

thanks much!

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Do you really mean days, or w

Do you really mean days, or was it minutes? The iBook will dim the screen after a period of inactivity, then after a longer period it will turn off the screen to save battery power. If you use the iBook the screen pops back to normal brightness. If it really is the every few days thing, you can just replace the CCFL tubes (backlights) instead of the whole LCD.

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