Modify Infnity BassLink frequency response?

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Modify Infnity BassLink frequency response?

I've had my Infinity BassLink for a couple years now, and it's served me well. Recently, though, as I was tweaking my car's EQ I realized that the BassLink was really not outputting the frequencies I need it to. It's rated to play from 20 to 120 Hz, which is around the range of bass drum and the very low end of bass guitar. I need it to play higher, up to around 200 Hz or so.

Since I'm no electrical engineer, I figured I need to appeal for help. The BassLink has a built-in low-pass filter, but I don't know how it's constructed or where it is on the amp board. Is anyone familiar with the BassLink's internals? If I took some photos of the BassLink's amp board, would it be a relatively simple matter of locating the filter and recommending which parts I need to replace to change it?

Or should I just sell the BassLink on eBay and buy a separate sub, box and amp? I'd end up having to shell out money in the end (BassLinks only gather about $200 or less nowadays), but if that works better than trying to hack my current set up, I may have to go that route.

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Assuming the woofer can even

Assuming the woofer can even move that fast, doing so will MASSIVELY overpower the midbass portion of the music and make it quite uncomfortable to listen to. In fact, I'd never allow it go go above 80 hz.

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