Looking For Mac BBS Software

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Looking For Mac BBS Software

I'm wanting to setup a BBS on one of my Macs for something interesting to do. I don't want to run a GUI based BBS like First Class, TeleFinder, or HiBBS. I find Hermes to be too limited in the areas of customization.

I was looking at using either the old Pancake BBS software or the old Public Address BBS software. However, I am having a great deal of difficulty in locating this software. I am fairly certain that both of these applications were released as shareware or, possibly even, freeware. This is why I'm surprised to be having so much trouble in locating these applications on the Internet.

If anybody in this newsgroup has ever used one of these BBS applications, I would appreciate hearing from you. If you have old copies of this software or associated modules/externals/sourcecode I would love to hear from you.

You can reach me at this email address: u.toc@cogeco.ca or managed_resistance@cogeco.ca

Alternatively, I will be monitoring this thread for responses.

Thank you very much.

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