WTB: Quicksilver and MDD G4 working parts

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WTB: Quicksilver and MDD G4 working parts

Hi everyone!

I hope you can help me out here. I recently bought two gorgeous G4 cases on eBay, one Quicksilver and one MDD case. I am in the process of looking for parts for both to make into complete working computers. I've already gotten processors for both (733MHz processor for the QS, and a dual 867MHz MDD one). What I need are:

Motherboards (133MHz system bus for the MDD processor; not sure which mobo is compatible with the QS processor),
Power supplies
Heatsink and fan for the MDD processor (my QS processor came with the heatsink and fan);
Optical drives, etc., etc.

I will get large capacity hard drives at such and such time when prices drop a little bit more, but the motherboards are my first priority at this time.

Obviously the parts you may have to sell must be in 100% working condition. If you've got what I want, please give me a holler with info and your asking price -- thank you!