iRack DV with an iMac DV 400

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iRack DV with an iMac DV 400


I have an iMac DV 400 inside an iRack DV case. The case can be seen here:

Inside the case you will find:
1x slot-loading DVD drive
1x120GB hard drive (10GB boot partition and the rest as a storage partition)
1x120GB hard drive completely for storage.
512MB of RAM (1x512MB module, one slot open)

Both hard drives are brand new, by the way.

I know what you are thinking...An iMac with two hard drives!? It cannot be!

Here is what I did. I had a Firewire/IDE bridge from an external Firewire case. I used this bridge to connect the hard drive to one of the Firewire ports. Yes, both hard drives are secured snugly. There is no "rigging" with this computer.

Two USB 1.1 ports are available, one in the front and one in the back.
One Firewire port is available, in the front.
One 100base Ethernet port.

No modem.

You may be asking about a display. There is one PC VGA port in the back that works beautifully. I may have a PC to Mac video adapter, but I will have to look.

You may be asking what this can be used for.

This can be used as a file server. Or it can be used as an iTunes music server. This could also be used as a network/email/web server, with the proper software of course. This would be a fine edition to any office or home.

For those of you who are still reading, you may be wondering how much I am asking for this.

Breakdown of the price:

The case sells for $399 from Marathon.
An estimated $50 price per hard drive (based on recent deals).
Estimated $75 price for the motherboard (based on recent eBay pricing).
Estimated $30 for the slot-loading DVD drive (based on recent eBay pricing).
Estimated $50 for the RAM (based on recent eBay pricing).

Estimated value: $654

I was thinking $500~$525 shipped within the United States. If someone from another country is interested, we can work something out. Shipping will be from 53202.

Thank you,