Apple IIe Platinum

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Apple IIe Platinum

Hello I have an Apple IIe Platinum computer system and I was wondering the value of this system. NO - I AM NOT SELLING IT, I would just like to know the value of it for laughs. And yes all of the parts work with NO yellowing on anything.

Apple IIe Platinum -

Apple Super Serial Card

Extended 80 Col. Text
Mouse Interface Card
5.25" disk controller card
3.5" disk controller card
Apple Color Composite Monitor

Apple ImageWrtier II Color
Apple Mouse II
Apple Joystick
Apple 3.5" Drive
2 Apple 5.25" Drives
Kensington System Saver

Apple IIe Owners Manual
Apple ImageWriter II Owners Manual
Appel ImageWriter II Warranty Card - BLANK
Apple Mouse II Owners and Instalation Manual

assortment of 60 5.25" disks - utilties, games, office suites, etc.
assortment of 20 3.5" disks - utilties, games, office suites, etc.

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Apple IIe

I have seen them sell for up to $62, I have two on auction right now on Ebay. I will let you know what I get for them.

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The value of your collection is really relevant
only to those of us who collect and operate this
type of computer. That being comes down
to what the current market will bear and what a
person is willing to pay for it. I would guess
that your collection would get a little over $100US
right now. Try using a site like e***, but you say
that you are not interested in selling.

My opinion (as a collector and operator of antique
toys as well as computers) is that you are wisest
by NOT selling, because as soon as you sell you will
miss your gear and want to replace it. One thing is
for will cost MORE to replace it that to
just hang onto it.

Hope this helps a little. Happy computing.

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