*SWEET* Apple IIe Platinum for sale on Ebay

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*SWEET* Apple IIe Platinum for sale on Ebay

If you would like to see it paste this link in your browser window:

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Nice system, but the winning bid was a little high.
I wonder if the system had a printer and mouse with
it. Maybe some extra software? The seller only said
it came with a game. More info would have been good.

The monitor would be a nice catch, though.

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It did sell very high

I can't say that I have ever seen a Platinum Apple IIe sell for that much before, with shipping and handling it went for $301.
The printer was not offered because there is no card for a printer, it came without the printer card new. The printer for this computer is still available.

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The reason (mainly) it went h

The reason (mainly) it went high is the 3.5" drive, and controller card to use it on the //e.

The rest of the system is $19.95 eBay fodder, but the 3.5 drive and controller are pure gold.

It looks like a regular 3.5" drive too, not a Unidisk, so it might be possible that it's a superdrive controller, highly sought after.


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3.5 controller card for the apple //e with drive

Does this mean my platinum Apple //e with the same equipment is worth that much ? Any offers. I also have the 3.5 adapter card and 3.5 drives seperate.

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Negative, however. . .

Someone is currently trying to sell a //e from a school surplus for $500.00! When I saw the price and picture I thought for sure that it was a huge lot of them, but upon contact the seller stated, that "no" it was just for one unit. He'll learn the hard way I guess. . .


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well then...

the platinum is the edition with build in numeric pad, right?

And you are saying that the 3.5" floppy is what adds the value.

Well hot damn I have eight platinums then and at least one 3.5" drive, as well as several regular 5.25" ones

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well then (not)...

The only thing that made that IIe worth investigating was the potential that it had a superdrive controller in it. They go for $80 to $160+ depending on desperation.

If the IIe was in super nice cosmetic condition (no engraving, marking, scratches or yellowing), alone it would be worth $20-30 bucks. The 3.5 drive was worth $10-15 even if it was a superdrive.

I've got about 6 or 7 of those controllers, at least 3 NIB. Sometimes I think I should sell a couple.

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Superdrive Controller

If you're looking to sell one, let me know Sean. Don't need NIB, just something that works.


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shiping was WAY to high for that. I shipped 2 G5s all the way across the US and it only cost $29!

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