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A Quick Hack

I was wondering if anyone knew how to temporarily, easily make an iBook G4 not fall asleep when you close the lid, but still enabling it to close all the way. Thanks!

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This works on a G4 POWERBOOK (may work in a iBook as well)

By connecting the AC adapter, a monitor and keyboard...after cloing the Powerbook and then clicking any key on the external keyboard will then wake up the mac. It will also perfom btter when not running it's own screen as well as an ext. monitor

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Running it with the lid close

Running it with the lid closed WILL cause heat problems more often than not, so be warned.

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This can be done in the firmw

This can be done in the firmware, its called clamshell mode. But I dont advise it for the reasons that mooseman said. They run a fair amount warmer. And its not the CPU so much, as the GPU as well. my G3 iBook showed signs of the GPU overheating when I first experimented with this a few years ago.

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