MACMAME need help!!!

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MACMAME need help!!!

hey guys i am new to the forum, im desperately seeking an answer to a problem i am having running macmame on my mac. its a mac OS9 and i have downloaded the versions that runs on OS9 which from memory is v0.66

i am getting one continuous error message :

" the application MACMAME could not be opened because "CarbonLib-CFURL CreateCopyAppendingPathComponent" could not be found "

i have downloaded and installed CarbonLib 1.6 which is the latest but im still getting the same error message, is there something im missing here? im not too good with mac's and im very confused. any help would be appreciated!

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lastest versions

I think CarbonLib was actually up to 1.9.

MacMAME was version .71, .87, and .93. I run .7 on 9.2.2.

Double check your source of download.

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