Manually answer the modem...

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Manually answer the modem...

Does anyone know how to tell an internal modem on a G3 (iMac in this case) running 9.2.2 (or any Classic OS) to manually answer the modem on an incoming call?

Where I am going with this is I want to connect another machine via the modem and I do not want to have to lug the desktop to another location just to dial up the box sitting next to it. The other machine has no NIC and the only networkable interface it has is the modem and it cannot answer calls, just make them. If I can get my Mac to manually answer the modem when the other machine tries to connect then I can take it from there.

I have scoured every control panel and done the google route to no avail. I even looked into some of that internet telephony stuff to see if I could find an app that would give me this capability, but could not find what I was looking for.

Ideally, the perfect solution would be a application that would allo me to use the Mac as a telephone, provide support for caller id/call-waiting, etc, and allow me to manually answer the phone or incoming calls that (such as direct modem-to-modem connections without a intermediary phone network.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I do not want to have to go pick up an old PBX box, although that would be cool (pissing off the wife would be an unfortunate side effect, however).


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Don't know about the rest of it...

...but couldn't you just use a comms program like Zterm or equivalent and manually answer the incoming call from your other computer with an ATA command?

Probably you've already dismissed that option...if you're using a modem on the other Mac, you must already know some AT commands. I'm a little rusty. The BBS days were long ago, and these Modulator-Demodulator contraptions now seem strange and foreign.

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You might also need to put a

You might also need to put a 9v battery on the line between them for it to work. I'd try without first, but the machine might respond that there is no line connected if it doesn't see any voltage. And don't worry much about the voltage level, the line goes to 40-90v when ringing, IIRC.

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Try a google search... I bel

Try a google search...
I believe you need a resistor to simulate line conditions

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