HELP....display issues...

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HELP....display issues...

I have a beige desktop G3 and I started to hook up a wireless router to it (D-Link DI-624). As soon as I started my comp. It had display problems. The screen resolution looked like it has been reset and when I went in to change it there is now only ONE setting and I can't change it at all. I booted in OS 9 and ran Disk First Aid on the partition with Jaguar (10.2.8) on it and repaired everything it said to. Next I ran Norton System Works 3.0 on the Jaguar partition and fixed everything it said to. When I changed my startup disk back to the Jag partition, and rebooted, I get nothing, nada, zilch. I have no display on my screen (a black screen). The light on my monitor appears to be connecting to the computer correctly. I checked to make sure that it was plugged in properly, which it was, and then I unplugged the monitor and plugged it back in. I still have nothing. I do have the "happy chimes" at startup but that is the only hint that my computer is working. What can this be? I'm going to try to ZAP P-RAM and then the CUDA tonight, but does anyone have any clue what could fix this if those two things don't work? Thanks!!!

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What kind of monitor is hooke

What kind of monitor is hooked up to the Mac?

I myself have a Beige G3 and I have found, unfortunately, that the frequency of the data on the port isn't exactly what it's reported in the control panel. For example, 75Hz isn't exactly 75Hz, it's more like 77Hz. Most Apple-branded monitors have enough of a tolerance to handle this, but many other monitors, especially those designed for PC's, do not. This is why my IBM-branded 15" won't display anything at 75Hz from the Beige, while it displays 75Hz on the PC with no problems. I've found that the Beige defaults to "75"Hz, and this reverting to default settings could have been caused by the addition of new hardware.

I had an identical problem to this a few weeks back. I ended up hooking up an old Apple monitor and manually changing the display setting. Failing that, I don't know if there is a file in OS X that a display resolution can be manually coded into. Also, getting a remote-control program such as VNC to launch at boot-time might be an alternative, although much more complicated.

I hope this helps shed some light on your problem.


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