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Does anyone remember what happent to the scammer, Steve Landon?

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The guy is spending some qual

The guy is spending some quality time in county with Bubba and Stich and the boys. Quality time, I tell ya.

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Hehe... I love hearing about scammers that get own3d by the people they stole from. Over at the Focaljet forums, we have helped bust 3 scammers that are known to be in jail. One of them actually wasn't scamming, he'd actually mail the goods out like he should have... he just got his parts off other people's cars...

own3d suddenly becomes "OWWW in 3D" when you drop the soap Smile

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my dad was doing HVAC repair at the local jail, and had noticed that people in jail look very *ehem* healthy. So i wouldn't doubt that steve is getting it. and , i know that inmates don't suffer pediphiles easily...

EDIT; Remember, In Jail, no guard will pay attention to your scream...

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Locked due to lack of maturit

Locked due to lack of maturity.

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